Important Information for 2017 Spring Season

Players and Parents,

The Spring season is fast approaching and we have some important dates/events set. Please read carefully!


Registration opens on December 15, 2016 for the 2017 Sping Season. 

Please register online according to your players grade level,(e.g. Middle School, Youth, Bantam). Important: You must register or re-register with the US Lacrosse first unless you are already a member registered through 6/1/2016. The link to the US Lacrosse is on our registration page. Once you have your US Lacrosse Number, you can complete our registration process. Payment is through PayPal or you can mail me a check. You can email me with any questions.



Our fee this year has not yet been determined. As mentioned above, every player must join US Lacrosse in order to practice or play with us. That seperate cost is $25. The registration fee last season was $200. The Parents Advisory Committee will decide the fee in advance of the registration deadline

Uniforms: (This section does not pertain to Bantam)

The cost of a uniform is included in the fee for new players.  The Parents Advisory Committee has not yet determined the cost (if any) of replacement uniforms for returning players who want to replace their existing uniform with a new size or number. We will decide this issue inadvance of the the Registration date

By way of diclosure, the actual cost of a new uniform (jersey and shorts) to the team is about $75, and we expect players will get 2-3 years use from their uniform. The uniform will be the property of the player and will stay with them as they advance through the Club.


One practice pinnie is given to each new player as part of the registration fee. The pinnie is for use over multiple years. If a returning player in our program needs to replace his pinnie because he outgrew or lost it, or wants a new number, the replacement cost is about $35. Note: the number on the practice pinnie does not need to match the game jersey number. So, you can change jersey without having to purchase a new pinnie, but it is player choice.


Players are responsible for a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, cup, mouthguard and stick. Each piece is mandatory. There is no requirement as to helmet color.


Burning River has a number of one day specialty clinics (face off, defense, goalie) over the next couple months. Also, I will be circulating a flyer for the Toys for Tots one day clinic in Hudson this Christmas season as well as the Snipers and Stoppers one day clinic after Christmas. Both are very good one day skills clinics.

Skills Clinic:

We will be holding pre-season skills clinics available to all players as part of their membership in the BBHYLC. They will begin in January 2017 at the Force in Fairlawn. Times to be announced.

Any questions feel free to contact Jon Philipp:


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